Jinan Haide Thermal Industry Co., Ltd. will participate in the 5th China Light Alloy and Recycled Aluminum Processing and Casting Technology Summit

Jinan Haide Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd., as a leading provider of melting and casting and secondary aluminum water transfer solutions in the country, will participate in this year's Light Alloy and Secondary Aluminum Processing and Casting Technology Summit.

The summit will be held in Binzhou, Shandong Province this month. It is the country's leading secondary aluminum processing technology summit. Experts and industry professionals from all over the country will be invited to exchange cutting-edge aluminum casting and secondary aluminum processing technologies.

Hyde Thermal is committed to participating in this grand event to establish contacts with peers and experts in the industry, to understand the latest technological developments, and to showcase its innovative technologies in the fields of aluminum casting and recycled aluminum processing.

The founder, chairman, president and chief technology officer of Hyde Thermal said: "We are very excited to participate in this summit and look forward to networking with experts and peers in the industry. We believe that through exchanges and cooperation with experts, we will We can continuously improve our technical level to better provide customers with higher quality products and services.